From Timid Rescue Pup to Office Star: Suki the Timid Rescue Dog Gains Confidence

From Timid Rescue Pup to Office Star: Suki the Timid Rescue Dog Gains Confidence

The heartwarming journey of a timid rescue dog named Suki unfolds from the streets of Freeport, Bahamas, to becoming a cherished office coworker in Miami, as shared by Victoria Brambilla, a 30-year-old product manager. Discovered at just a week old, Suki’s early struggles led her to a shelter in Miami, where she found a forever home with Brambilla and now regularly joins her at work.

Nurturing Confidence in the Workplace – Suki’s Timid Rescue Dog Journey

In an unexpected twist from the typical emotional support role, Suki has become an unexpected source of comfort and focus for Brambilla. “The guilt of leaving her alone at home makes it hard for me to focus on something else, so I am much more productive when she’s in the office with me,” admits Brambilla.

Suki’s selective nature and initial fear of strangers posed concerns for Brambilla, especially in a workplace setting. However, in a heartening Instagram video, Suki is seen lying peacefully on the office floor while a patient colleague extends a gentle scratch on her head from a respectful distance.

Brambilla openly shared her approach with colleagues, emphasizing Suki’s timid rescue dog background and the necessity for patience and understanding. “I taught them how to read her body language to know what she’s trying to communicate to them,” explained Brambilla. Colleagues respected Suki’s boundaries, allowing her the time and space to gain trust.

A 2021 study titled “Dogs at the Workplace: A Multiple Case Study” supports the positive impact of pet-friendly policies, with employees viewing them as a privilege and enhancing their appreciation for the company.

The transformation in Suki’s behavior is nothing short of remarkable. From initially rejecting attention, she now seeks interaction throughout the day, demonstrating a newfound trust in her coworkers. Brambilla noted, “The fact that they accepted the rejection is what proved to Suki that they respected her boundaries.”

The Instagram video, showcasing Suki’s progress, garnered positive responses, with users expressing delight in witnessing the evident trust and adoration in the timid rescue dog’s eyes. Comments highlighted the importance of giving timid rescue dogs the space and understanding they deserve.

In essence, Suki’s story is a testament to the positive impact of patience, respect, and a pet-friendly workplace, turning a once-timid rescue pup into an office star and a source of joy for everyone involved.

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