Stray Dog Troy Finds Hope: Rescued After Two Years Living Rough in Ireland

Stray Dog Troy Finds Hope: Rescued After Two Years Living Rough in Ireland

Stray dog Troy, a 5-year-old hound, had all but given up hope during his two-year stint as a stray in West Cork, Ireland. The resilient canine managed to evade human contact despite efforts to rescue him. The freezing temperatures and Troy’s deteriorating health prompted local animal welfare charity Cork Dog Action Welfare Group (DAWG) to step in.

Katie Hogan from Cork DAWG revealed that a compassionate household had been providing Troy with food and shelter, but his untreated mange and malnutrition had left him too weak to survive the harsh winter. Finally captured last weekend, Troy was in dire condition upon arriving at the shelter, described as a dog “haunted by years of hardship.”

Covered in painful mange and seemingly having lost all hope, Troy exhibited fear and aversion to human touch. To ensure his well-being, the shelter staff created a calm and warm space for him, understanding the potential challenges of adapting to a bustling shelter environment.

Stray Dog Troy Finds Hope in Ireland

Stray Dog Troy Finds Hope: Rescued After Two Years Living Rough in Ireland

Contrary to concerns about shelter-related distress, Troy found solace in the hands of Cork DAWG. Initially provided with a quiet kennel space and limited human contact, he was later moved to a foster home with experienced caregivers. Troy is now receiving nutritious food and medication for his mange, slowly exploring the sights and sounds of a home from the safety of his crate and warm bed.

Troy’s past remains shrouded in mystery, with Hogan speculating that he might have been abandoned after a hunt, as he shows signs of never being socialized with humans. Despite the uncertainties, the dedicated team at Cork DAWG is committed to Troy’s recovery.

While hunting with hounds is legal in Ireland, Troy will not return to any previous pack. Though a challenging journey lies ahead, Hogan expresses confidence that with time, love, and patience, Troy will overcome his physical and mental struggles, thanks to the care and support provided by Cork DAWG and its network of devoted volunteers and foster carers.

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