Angels in Action: Rescuing 22 Abandoned Cats Left in Freezing Conditions

In a heart-rending incident on Christmas Eve, an animal rescue group in East Texas became the guardian angels for 22 abandoned cats left in freezing conditions, discovered at the side of the road. The cats, found in two totes, were wet, lethargic, and suffering from various health issues. Karen Budgell, the founder of the All About Fixin trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR) program, intervened to provide care and compassion.

@allaboutfixin Someone dumped 2 totes full of cats on Christmas Eve! Thankfully my dad found them and they are now in our foster care feeling safe and getting healthy enough for adoption. You can follow their journey here or on Facebook/AllAboutFixin #catsoftiktok #cats #catrescue #catlover #catrescuing ♬ original sound – AllAboutFixin

Angelic Acts: Rescuing 22 Abandoned Cats on Christmas Eve – A True Display of Angels in Action

“On Christmas Eve, my dad was driving home and stopped to see if two women needed help on the side of the road,” shared Budgell. “The women explained that they had found totes full of cats dumped on their property. It was heartbreaking to see these 22 full-grown cats in such a deplorable state.”

Afflicted with malnourishment, fleas, mange, worms, and more, the cats were swiftly taken under Budgell’s care. Despite her demanding full-time engineering job and the responsibilities of raising four children, Budgell and her team worked tirelessly to offer warmth, nourishment, and essential medical attention.

Angels in Action: Rescuing 22 Abandoned Cats Left in Freezing Conditions

“It took a few days for them to come out of hiding and feel safe. Once they did, they started grooming themselves, playing, and displaying affection. These cats were once loved, and it appears their caretaker might have passed away or left, leaving them with no option,” explained Budgell.

Budgell’s commitment to the abandoned cats remains unwavering. Despite the challenges, they have successfully spayed or neutered and vaccinated nine of them. A young cat is receiving antibiotics and steroids for severe mange, and a pregnant cat is expected to give birth to her kittens shortly.

The rescue story was shared on the TikTok page @allaboutfixin, garnering immense attention with 9.4 million views and over 41,000 comments. Viewers expressed their emotions, with one comment stating, “I wanted to cry when you opened the boxes, all those scared faces. You were their angels.”

As of now, the rescued cats are under the diligent care of the rescue group, undergoing recovery, vaccinations, and neutering. “We are actively seeking loving homes for them in East Texas, and they should be ready for adoption in a few weeks,” Budgell shared. “All cats will be fixed, vaccinated, and given a clean bill of health before they find their forever homes, thanks to the compassionate efforts of our team of angels.”

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