Panda-Like Pups Take Over the Internet

Panda-Like Pups Take Over the Internet

Discovering Destiny: Carly’s Connection with Panda-Like Pups

Amid the challenges of the pandemic, Carly D’Eliseo found solace in working from home in North Texas and decided it was time to make her longtime dream of adopting a dog a reality. Hailing from South Florida, where her family always had a house full of dogs, Carly’s love for dogs led her to aspire to foster them independently.

In 2020, her dream took a unique turn when she spotted Panda, a pup with enchanting panda-like markings, on Petfinder. With a lifelong affinity for actual pandas, Carly drove 90 minutes to meet Panda, and it was an instant connection. Little did she know, this was just the beginning of her journey with panda-like canine companions.

Months later, Cody’s Friends Rescue, the Dallas-Fort Worth-based rescue where she adopted Panda, tagged Carly in a video featuring another panda-esque dog named Dallas. Astounded by the coincidence, Carly decided to foster Dallas and once again felt an immediate bond, declaring, “This is my dog.”

Panda-Like Pups Take Over the Internet

“Panda, now 7, is the ‘more relaxed and calm’ of the two, while Dallas, 2, is ‘full of energy,'” says Carly. Despite their differences, the two have formed an inseparable duo, adding joy and warmth to Carly’s home. Carly’s dedication to rescue work has turned her home into a haven for dogs in need.

Beyond bringing happiness into her life, Carly’s involvement in rescue work has helped her feel more at home in her new state of Texas. The panda pair, Panda and Dallas, have become social media sensations on TikTok and Instagram @packofpandas, spreading love and encouraging others to consider adoption.

Carly emphasizes, “You can find your dream dog at a shelter if you just give them a chance. I want everyone to be able to feel the type of love you can receive from a rescue dog — there really isn’t anything like it!”

As Carly’s heartwarming Texas tale unfolds, Panda and Dallas continue to capture hearts, proving that adopting panda-like dogs can bring immeasurable joy and love into one’s life.

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