Urgent: Mistreated Puppy “Chewy” Needs Emergency Heart Surgery

The Resilience of a Mistreated Puppy: Chewy’s Inspiring Journey

A Way Home For Dogs, a San Diego-based dog rescue, recently responded to a distress call about two small dogs found running near the 905 freeway. Terrified and reluctant to trust humans, the rescue team, with the help of kind Samaritans and security cameras, successfully captured the dogs.

Urgent: Mistreated Puppy

The rescue named the frightened white female dog “Padme” and her devoted 18-month-old Yorkie mix protector “Chewy” as no one came forward to claim them. Specializing in rehabilitating mistreated dogs, the rescue aimed to show Padme and Chewy that love and care still exist.

However, the rescue’s focus shifted dramatically after a vet examination revealed that Chewy has a Grade 5 out of 6 heart murmur, displaying early signs of congestive heart failure. Emergency surgery is now crucial for his survival, but the rescue faces financial constraints.

Urgent: Mistreated Puppy

Refusing to give up on Chewy, the rescue reached out to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical Fund for assistance. This fund provides essential grants to animal rescues, offering a lifeline for cases like Chewy’s and giving them a second chance at a happy life.

Chewy, despite his mistreated past, demonstrated resilience by caring for his sister Padme before their rescue. Security footage captured heartwarming moments of Chewy stealing food to feed his hungry sister, showcasing his determination to survive and protect those he cares about.

Urgent: Mistreated Puppy

The rescue remains optimistic, emphasizing that Chewy’s heart defect, a birth anomaly, can be rectified with surgery. Post-surgery, medications are expected to shrink his enlarged heart, providing a promising prognosis for a normal life expectancy.

Encouragingly, Chewy has already found an experienced foster home willing to adopt him after a successful recovery. The rescue urgently appeals for support, stressing, “Without surgery, we have no placement, and he is not expected to live very long.”

Urgent: Mistreated Puppy

It’s important to note that pets receiving critical care through the Emergency Animal Medical grant may not be available for adoption until they complete their treatment. Potential adopters are urged to visit the shelter’s specific website for the latest information on available pets and adoption procedures.

To contribute to Chewy’s life-saving surgery and support his journey to a forever home, consider reaching out to A Way Home For Dogs or exploring their website for donation options and updates on Chewy’s progress. Your kindness can make a significant difference in the life of this mistreated puppy.

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