Golden Retriever Rescue: U.S. Coast Guard Saves Leo After Cliff Fall in Oregon

Golden Retriever Rescue Unveiled: Coast Guard’s Heroic Efforts in Oregon

In a breathtaking display of heroism, the U.S. Coast Guard recently executed a daring rescue mission that saved the life of Leo, a beloved three-year-old Golden Retriever, after a heart-stopping cliff fall in Ecola State Park, Oregon, on New Year’s Day.

Golden Retriever Rescue: U.S. Coast Guard Saves Leo After Cliff Fall in Oregon

Leo’s owners, Alexa Fery and Cody Chimienti, expressed profound gratitude, stating, “We are so thankful Leo is alive and home recovering.” The remarkable sequence of events unfolded through a series of posts on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), highlighting the incredible efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard’s aircrew, in response to the distress call, embarked on a high-stakes mission to retrieve the stranded pet. Deploying a skilled rescue swimmer, they carefully moved Leo into a hoisting basket. The helicopter landed in a nearby parking lot at 4:15 pm, reuniting the shaken yet relieved Golden Retriever with his emotional owners. Stirring footage of the rescue operation underscored the commitment and proficiency of the Coast Guard rescue team.

Initially uncertain about Leo’s condition, the Coast Guard collaborated seamlessly with local fire departments from Cannon Beach, Nehalem Bay, and Seaside to ensure a safe and successful rescue operation. The hoist cam footage later unveiled Leo’s heartwarming reunion with Fery and Chimienti, captured in a moving embrace before they parted ways.

Golden Retriever Rescue: U.S. Coast Guard Saves Leo After Cliff Fall in Oregon

Following the rescue, Leo spent the night at an emergency vet facility. The veterinary examination revealed a few cuts and bruises, but the resilient Golden Retriever is expected to make a full recovery. Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District praised the Coast Guard’s swift response and took the opportunity to remind dog owners to keep their pets on leashes along the coast for safety.

In a bid to cover Leo’s veterinary expenses, a GoFundMe campaign was initiated. The campaign recounted the harrowing incident, detailing how Leo had run ahead of his owners, resulting in a 300-foot fall below the cliff’s edge. The Coast Guard’s expert rescue swimmer descended to the water, retrieved Leo, and skillfully airlifted him from the beach.

Leo’s injuries included lacerations, a broken tooth, and a broken jaw. Despite the challenges, Leo, described as the sweetest Golden Retriever with a penchant for playing fetch and a charming party trick, is on the road to recovery. The GoFundMe campaign has garnered an outpouring of support, amassing over $24,000 to assist with Leo’s medical expenses.

Golden Retriever Rescue: U.S. Coast Guard Saves Leo After Cliff Fall in Oregon

In a joyous update, Leo was discharged from the animal hospital, warmly reuniting with Fery and Chimienti. The owners shared a heartfelt statement late Thursday, expressing deep appreciation for the first responders and the Coast Guard. They acknowledged that Leo’s survival was a testament to the heroic efforts of these dedicated individuals. As Leo continues his recovery, this heartwarming tale stands as a poignant reminder to cherish and love our furry companions.

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