Rescued and Reclaimed: Eleanor the Pocket Bully Finds Hope After Abandonment

In a heart-wrenching incident, a pocket bully named Eleanor was discovered abandoned at a Clondalkin off-licence, bringing attention to the challenges faced by specific breeds. My Lovely Horse Rescue, a dedicated animal rescue center, stepped in to provide care and compassion for this resilient canine.

Rescued and Reclaimed: Eleanor the Pocket Bully Finds Hope After Abandonment
The dog was abandoned and tied up at a Clondalkin off-licence earlier this week

Finding Hope: Eleanor the Pocket Bully Rescued at Clondalkin Off-Licence

The distressing discovery unfolded when a member of staff at Galvins Carry Out off-licence noticed two individuals hastily leaving the store. Upon investigation, they found Eleanor tied up and left abandoned. Martina Kenny, co-founder of My Lovely Horse Rescue, shared the troubling reality of an increasing number of abandoned dogs, especially those belonging to restricted breeds.

Eleanor, now under the loving care of the rescue center, has undergone veterinary assessment and is reported to be “doing really well.” Initial concerns about her being pregnant were dispelled, and efforts are underway to secure a warm and caring home for her.

Kenny emphasized the positive traits of these breeds, highlighting their loyalty and affection when treated well. However, she shed light on the challenges faced by these dogs due to restrictions in social housing and the difficulties individuals encounter when moving to new homes.

The situation underscores a larger crisis in canine welfare, with My Lovely Horse Rescue experiencing an unprecedented level of activity in their 13 years of operation. Despite having space for around 20 dogs on their farm, the rescue center is currently stretched with the responsibility of caring for approximately 75 dogs, emphasizing the pressing need for addressing issues surrounding abandoned and restricted breeds.

Eleanor’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership, and My Lovely Horse Rescue continues its tireless efforts to offer a safe haven for dogs facing abandonment. Through the compassion and dedication of rescue organizations like these, dogs like Eleanor can find hope and a chance at a brighter future.

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