Hearts Break Over Rescue Dog’s Special Spot When She Needs Some ‘Me’ Time

A woman has discovered the special spot her dog likes to go to when she just needs a little “me” time to herself.

Kristi from Texas adopted Clover the Havanese back in September 2020, to provide a companion to their other dog. “We had an old English sheepdog named Winston who just loved the little dogs,” Kristi told Abnewslite. “From the moment we got her she instantly became the boss in the house.”

Clover is an adorable and loving pup companion to Kristi and her family but she makes it plainly clear when she’s not happy about stuff. “She is very chatty when she wants you to hold her or move over,” Kristi said. “She is a very grumpy sleeper too and grumbles if you accidentally move her.”

More recently, however, Clover has been letting her feelings be known in an altogether different way, following the arrival of a new dog in the house who was originally fostered before becoming a permanent fixture.

Having a playmate is a crucial part of life for any healthy dog. A study of 21,000 canines published in the journal Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health found dogs who enjoyed routine regular social interactions with other canines tended to have better health outcomes than those who socialized less.

Hearts Break Over Rescue Dog's Special Spot When She Needs Some 'Me' Time

But every dog needs a break once in a while and a little time to themselves it would seem. Or at least that is what Kristi has discovered when it comes to Clover at the moment. “Clover has been wanting to go out and sit on the porch a lot more lately and have her ‘me’ time,” she said. “I think it is to get away from the other dogs because they constantly want to play.”

Kristi was able to capture one of Clover’s recent timeouts on camera. In the clip, the small dog can be seen sitting on the porch looking out across the way, taking in a little air and enjoying a moment of contemplation.

She doesn’t appear sad or angry, just evidently keen to have a moment to herself. Kristi said she posted the footage to TikTok because she “just found it so cute” but it was also entirely relatable.

“We all need a little time to ourselves,” she wrote alongside the footage. The internet agreed. “My older one does the same thing. I don’t even think they hear you when calling them,” one viewer wrote, with another calling Clover’s actions “so sweet.”

“She is adorable and such a girly girl,” a third added.

With the busy Christmas holiday season fast approaching, Clover will probably be embarking on a few more trips out to her special spot. Who knows? She may find a few human companions standing out there with her, enjoying a breather too.

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