Cat Rescued From Top of Mobile Tower in Bengaluru After Being Attacked by Kites

A cat that climbed up a mobile tower and got stuck at the top was rescued by a team of animal welfare volunteers in Bengaluru. The cat was also attacked by kites that were hovering over it.

How the cat got stuck on the mobile tower

The incident took place on May 8, 2023, and was captured on video by Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre (CARE), an organisation that works for the welfare of animals in the city. The video was shared by CARE on its Instagram account and has gone viral on social media.
According to CARE, the cat belonged to a family that lived near the mobile tower. The cat had climbed up the tower out of curiosity and could not find its way down. The cat was also facing a threat from the kites that were circling around it and trying to attack it.

The family of the cat had contacted CARE for help and the organisation sent two of its volunteers to rescue the cat. The volunteers had to climb up the tower, which was about 40 feet high, and use a net to catch the cat. They also had to fend off the kites that were giving them a hard time.

The daring rescue operation

The video shows the volunteers reaching the top of the tower and trying to grab the cat, who was scared and hiding behind a metal rod. The kites can be seen flying close to the tower and swooping down on the volunteers and the cat. The volunteers had to use sticks and their hands to ward off the kites

After several attempts, the volunteers managed to get hold of the cat and put it in the net. They then carefully climbed down the tower with the cat and handed it over to its family. The cat was unharmed and happy to be reunited with its owners.

The reaction of the netizens

The video of the cat’s rescue has received a lot of praise and appreciation from the netizens, who lauded the courage and compassion of the volunteers. Many people also thanked CARE for its service and dedication to animals.

One user commented, “Kudos to rescuers for their outstanding job. More power to you guys.” Another user wrote, “Amazing rescue team. God bless you all.” A third user said, “Just had to be an orange cat!! Great job to the rescue team.”

The video has so far garnered over 11,000 views and hundreds of likes and comments on Instagram.

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