Blaze the Cat Finds a New Home in Arizona After Being Frozen on a Highway in Regina

Blaze the cat, who was frozen on a highway in Regina, has been adopted by a family in Arizona. He is now enjoying the sunny weather and the love of his new owners. His story is a remarkable example of survival and compassion.

How Blaze the Cat Was Frozen on a Highway in Regina

Blaze the cat was found on December 7, 2022, by a Good Samaritan, on the side of a highway outside of Regina. He had somehow survived wind chills of -51 on the day he was found. He was taken to the Regina Humane Society (RHS), a local non-profit organization that cares for homeless, neglected and abused cats, dogs and other domestic animals.

“When the (Good Samaritans) realized what it was, they stopped and tried to help Blaze and found that he was actually frozen to the ground,” said RHS director of marketing and public relations Bill Thorne. “They were able to get him free and brought him in to the humane society.”

The first thing RHS did was to try and warm Blaze slowly and one of the receiving technicians held him until he warmed up. “When he came in, he had an upper respiratory infection as well,” Thorne said. “So, we had to treat that. And they tried to keep an eye on him, but it was pretty obvious that he was going to lose his ear tips.”

The tips of Blaze’s ears were surgically removed after being subjected to the frigid temperatures and he was temporarily placed in foster care to recover.

Blaze the Cat Finds a New Home in Arizona After Being Frozen on a Highway in Regina

How the Cat Found a New Home in Arizona

On February 14, 2023, Blaze – who now goes by Blake – travelled further than he has ever been before. He boarded a plane to Arizona, where his new family was waiting for him. They had seen his story on social media and decided to adopt him.

“His loving parents happened to be at their vacation home when they made the decision to open their hearts to Blake, so he booked his ticket, packed his favourite toys, and took to the skies,” read a Twitter update from the Regina Humane Society.

Blake now spends his afternoons soaking up the sun with his new family in Arizona. He enjoys playing with his toys, cuddling with his owners, and exploring his new surroundings. He has also made friends with the local wildlife, such as hummingbirds and lizards.

“Despite the previously reported hardships of this sweet boy, he is now living his best, most luxurious cat life,” the Regina Humane Society said.

Blaze the Cat Finds a New Home in Arizona After Being Frozen on a Highway in Regina

Public reaction to the cat’s story

Blaze the cat’s story has touched the hearts of many people, who have followed his journey from frozen to sunny on social media. His story has been shared by thousands of people, who have expressed their admiration and gratitude for the people who rescued and adopted him.

One user commented, “What a wonderful ending to a sad story. So happy for Blaze and his new family.” Another user wrote, “This is the best news I’ve heard all day. Blaze deserves all the love and happiness in the world.” A third user said, “This is why I support the Regina Humane Society. They do amazing work for animals in need.”

The Regina Humane Society has thanked the public for their support and donations, which have helped them care for Blaze and other animals like him. They have also encouraged people to consider adopting or fostering animals from their shelter, or volunteering for their cause.

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