Andy’s Long Wait: Rescue Dog Hopes for a Second Chance at a Forever Home

Andy's Long Wait: Rescue Dog Hopes for a Second Chance at a Forever Home

Yearning for Love: Andy’s Tale of Redemption and the Pursuit of a Second Chance

In October 2022, Andy, a young and resilient shelter dog, stepped into the Little Guild animal shelter in West Cornwall, Connecticut. His journey had already been marked by hardship, having been surrendered to a shelter in Georgia with significant injuries, the result of a tangled tie-out and runner system in his previous owner’s yard.

Kelsey Turick, an animal care specialist at the Little Guild, shared that Andy’s early life remained shrouded in mystery, but the challenges he faced made it difficult for him to trust people immediately. Andy, now cautious and exhibiting what Turick describes as “stranger danger,” tends to feel threatened and anxious around unfamiliar faces. Despite this, once Andy opens up, he transforms into “the best boy.”

“Andy is a little on the timid side at first, but once you earn his trust he will shower you with affection and loyalty,” Turick said.

However, Andy’s heartbreak is palpable. After being adopted and quickly returned to the shelter for being “reactive to people,” he now spends his days silently hoping to catch the eye of a potential adopter. Fearful of visitors, Andy watches and waits from the safety of his enclosure.

The odds are challenging for a dog like Andy. Studies, including a 2014 publication in Applied Animal Behavior Science, reveal that the average shelter visitor interacts with only one dog during their brief eight-minute visit.

Andy's Long Wait: Rescue Dog Hopes for a Second Chance at a Forever Home

Turick remains optimistic, knowing that Andy has so much love to give if given the chance. She envisions a patient and understanding owner who can work with him on his reactivity and initial fear of new people. Describing Andy as having medium to high energy, Turick believes he needs calm, confident handling to overcome his insecurities.

“We love him so much and really hope his forever family is out there,” she said. “With a trusted handler, he can be a very wiggly, happy-go-lucky boy. He loves to cuddle and play with toys.”

Despite his challenging start, Turick sees a bright future for Andy. His ideal home would provide the guidance and understanding he needs, ready to be rewarded with unwavering devotion and love. Andy, known for his great compatibility with other dogs, would thrive in a home with canine companionship.

As Andy continues to wait for that special someone, the Little Guild team remains committed to finding him a second chance at a loving and understanding forever home.

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